TakticaTaktika is a title by indy publisher Sky Castle Games.  The game is a dexterity war game, kind of like Crokinole meets a squad-based battle game.

Each player is given Infantry, Archer and Cavalry Disks to deploy onto any smooth table with the intent of wiping out your opponent’s forces.  The kicker is how each unit attacks.

  • Infantry attack by either ricocheting into an opposing piece or by two different Infantry striking the same opposing piece.
  • Archers attack by sliding two different Archers within one disk width of the target (without touching… they can’t fight hand to hand.)
  • Cavalry attack by knocking the opposing piece off the table completely.

Taktika also comes with four double sided ‘Special’ pieces to be used in scenario play.  The game comes with two, and one is currently available online. There are also several expansions in the works that will introduce new unit types, specials and scenarios.

The table is yours,


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