We don’t make a habit of covering every fan-based variant of popular board games (that would require a whole different blog!), but this one by Tim Collins at BoardGameGeek really caught our eye. CARCASSassonne is a zombie-based variant to the ever-popular Carcassonne, featuring the basic gameplay of Carcassonne and introducing various zombie-flavored components. Play involves laying tiles to build the board as in normal Carcassonne, but meeples represent skeletons (who claim graveyards[cities] and roads), zombies (which players use to chase down victims) and victims (which are not controlled by players and have a few zombie hunters mixed in to keep the players in line). Obviously, putting together your own version would be quite the undertaking (actually creating a custom box for the game is really going above and beyond), but if Rio Grande is reading, this would make a really awesome Halloween release…please?