enlightenEnlighten is a game from Christa Reynolds on comparative religion, or rather a trivia game about religions. In the pursuit of fairness, the creators have tossed in, along with the big religions, slews of various cults and other religions, treating them all with the same respect.

Her aim is to get people of the world learning about each other’s religions.

If major religions aren’t enlightening to you, how about Enlightenment? A 1987 game from a company called Homeward Bound, you progress through different levels of consciousness using Truth, Wisdom, and Karma cards. I have no info about the company Homeward Bound, but you can find the game on various auction sites.

Then we have The Gift of Enlightenment from Veritas Productions, or perhaps Veritas Productions, or possibly neither of these and it’s some other Veritas Productions (in any case, it’s definitely not Veritas Games).

Also revolving around chakras and karma, the game brings healing energy to those who play it as you lose your negative energies and learn your true gift of enlightenment. Comes with real crystals.