Weare, NH: 40 year old plays a drinking card game with daughters and their 18 year old friend and then has sex with the highly intoxicated friend. (source)

Lake Worth, FL: One player stabs another at a game of Dominoes after he feels “disrespected”. (source)

Jacksonville, FL: Man commits murder with a gun he stole at a card game. (source)

Liberty, SC: 18 arrested for gambling over poker. (source)

Chicago, IL: Man shot and killed over $10 in a dice game. (source) These events tend to occur in the South Side.

Cedar City, UT: Man attacks another man with a hammer over a Dungeons and Dragons game, jealousy over the other man’s successful game design, and over a woman. (source)

Holyoke, MA: Two men charged with murder over a dice game. (source)

Orem, UT: Man hits and threatens his nephew and nephew’s wife with a knife over a game of UNO. (source)

Lake Worth, FL: Man stabs friend with knife several times over a game of Dominoes. (source)

Newcastle, Australia: Court hears how priest used to use strip card games to lure kids so as to molest them. (source)