Chopper is a board game from, and about, an Australian serial killer (Chopper Read) who unabashedly trades in on his exploits for fame and money. Exploits which include blowtorching people, chopping their toes off with boltcutters, first degree murder, torture, intentionally maiming, drug abuse, gang warfare, and cutting off his own ears.

You might think that someone like that would try to go straight by lecturing to people not to follow in his footsteps or exhibiting some remorse. But no. Instead, he is hailed as a folk hero, since some of his victims were themselves criminals, and he revels in selling books and movies about his life. And claims to regret nothing.

So you can, if you want to send your money to the likes of one such as this, buy his game for $80 AUD. Or you could, if it wasn’t already sold out. It’s a roll and move game, but it also comes with a copy of Shocking Roulette (an electronic doodad into which up to four people can place a finger and which then randomly shocks one of them).