Blackpool, UK: A guy convinces his girlfriend and a female friend of her’s to play strip Monopoly. After the clothes are off, the friend makes a play for the guy, sparking a three-way fight, landing them all in court. The girls were too embarrassed to testify against the guy. (source) Source includes the following useful information: “Williamson was boardgame’s Boot with Leah McDonnell the ‘Battleship’ and Micha Robinson the ‘Racing Car’.”

Vero Beach, FL: Chess game leads to fight between two inmates. (source)

Santa Ana, CA: Man followed, robbed, and killed following winning thousands of dollars at card games at a casino. (source)

Tobago: Two men stabbed and killed at a card game. (source)

Memphis, TN: Three shot and robbed at a dice game. (source)