Osprey Publishing 17th title in their Raid Series

The Great Expedition – Sir Francis Drake on the Spanish Main 1585-86

Author Angus Konstam

If you remember Sid Meier’s Pirates PC Game from the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book. The author, Angus Konstam, a former naval officer, does a superb job of telling the story in a fast moving format.

Sir Francis Drake Raid on the Spanish Main 1585-86

The book is the story of Sir Francis Drake’s opening raid on the Spanish Main that led directly to war between Spain and England and the launching of the Spanish Armada against England.

Though most of us have heard of Drake and many of his exploits, I found the background information and lead up to the raid to be extremely illuminating, particularly the portion of Drake’s plundering into the Pacific Ocean and trek west to return to England by circumnavigating the globe.

The book is presented with excellent maps and graphics that clearly outline the battles that Drake launched on these raids against Spain.

The book is well documented and illustrated. A very enjoyable read for anyone wanting to add to their Pirate and Swashbuckling lore. I recommend it.

The book provides excellent source material for those looking for a new scenario for their Pirates miniatures game. Excellent graphics and great detail provide all the information for a nicely played reenactment.