The Hindu promotes (mostly traditional) board games. (source)

Ars Technica interviews the designer of Wrath of Ashardalon, the sequel to Castle Ravenloft. (source)

Forbes follows up the D&D-themed Community episode with advice on how to get started playing D&D. (source)

A St. Louis Dispatch blogger reviews board games, including Sorry Spin, UNO Moo, Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It, Nab It, Wits & Wagers Family, Scribblish, I’ve Never, Clue Secrets and Spies, Khet 2.0, Monopoly Revolution, Electronic Catch Phrase, Cuponk King Of LA. (source)

CNTV China talks about board games, especially Killers of Three Kingdoms (Sanguosha). (source)

The Austin American-Statesman promotes Settlers of Catan. (source)

The Salt Lake Tribune promotes Seth Hiatt and Mayday Games. (source)