A new daily-deal website, Gamerati Loot, offers 45-75% off games (both board game and RPG products), 5 days a week.

Spin Master is inviting fans to design their own Mechtogans for Bakugan’s Mechtanium Surge Dream Team Contest. The top prize award will include a custom, one-of-a-kind Mechtogan Activator Card, as well as one Mechtogan T.itan, two Mechtogans, two Bakusolo, one BakuTrinity, a Mechtogan Extension Pack, and two BakuNano duo packs.

Through the end of March, get a free random pewter miniature with any $75 order from RPGShop, or three minis with an order of $150.

Recruit the most Twitter followers for Blackbyrne Publishing to win two RPG adventures in your choice of D&D or Pathfinder versions.

For another 2 days, PDFs from Expeditious Retreat Press are 50% off in celebration of the company’s 8th anniversary.

Fight On!, the OSR fanzine, is running a contest for random tables. Contestants may submit up to three tables of random stuff for fantasy RPGs. Prizes for the top entries will be chosen from random tables, of course.