Now shipping from GMT Games (I just received my preordered copies Friday) are two new expansions for Commands & Colors games. For Commands & Colors: Ancients, expansion number six is The Spartan Army, featuring 20 scenarios, 228 blocks, and 15 terrain tiles. For Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, The Spanish Army includes new rules, 18 scenarios, 181 blocks of Spanish and French forces, terrain tiles, and counters. This is the first expansion for Napoleonics, but won’t be the last. Three more have already made the cut in GMT’s P500 program: The Austrian Army, The Prussian Army, and The Russian Army.

Also on the horizon from Richard Borg is Abaddon, to be published by Toy Vault. This one will be a science fiction battle game with mechs. BoardGameGeek lists it in the Commands & Colors family, but in the case of Abaddon activating units depends on the role of dice, while combat is resolved with cards and dice.