Asmodee’s new titles at Gen Con hit both ends of the spectrum with lighter family games and deeper strategy games.

Fame Us is a game of bluffing and celebrity name guessing. It also has a secret team element. Clearly aimed at teen and tween girls.

Then for kids as young as 4, there’s Barbeque Party. Move the foods on and off the grill until it pops.

Two of the strategy titles, Libertalia and Seasons, were among the hottest board games at the show.

Libertalia is about dividing booty among a band of retiring pirates. Players claim the goods with crew cards but those crew cards also trigger various actions. The order of those actions reverses for day, dusk, and night phases.

In Seasons the players are wizards competing for the position of Archmage. To cast spells and summon familiars (as represented by spell cards) they must collect energy in the form of the four elements—earth, air, fire, and water tokens. The roll of custom dice may award a player with energy resources or other actions. And a round turn tracker dictates an exchange rate for energy resources during the cycle of seasons.