dV GIOCHI is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bang! with a contest to design new characters for the game. Prizes include copies of the game… which seems a little strange to me, as people who’re designing characters probably already have it, right?

Purchase four Castles & Crusades Players Handbooks from Troll Lord Games and get a fifth for free.

In Fat Goblin Games’ Cleaning House for Chron’s Disease bundle, $78 of electronic products are being sold for $10, and then that money is being donated to an organization supporting families with Chron’s disease.

Strands of Fate and Strands of Power are on-sale for under $5 each at RPGNow.

WhatCulture is giving away two copies of The Hunger Games District 12 board game to UK residents.

Andy Hopp is running a Character Design Contest for Low Life Miniatures. The winner gets a custom character illustration and five copies of the resulting miniature.