Sixty-five students entering 6th grade this year at the New Roads Middle School in Santa Monica, California are experiencing a gamified education program sponsored by GameDesk. With funding from AT&T, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Motorola, Samsung, and others, PlayMaker is a program that not only uses games as instructional tools, it also gamifies the greater school experience.

In essence, PlayMaker is a ‘choose your own adventure’ story brought to life.  Our  6th graders will be presented with their own Adventure Maps, featuring multiple pathways to learning objectives.  Each student will chart their individual journeys.  From the Emerald Forest of Media Arts to the Cave of Physics, rich and fully realized educational gaming opportunities await each student as they discover their own interests at their own pace.

Students in PlayMaker are also supplied with personalized character sheets, a self-assessment tool on which they track knowledge and skills gained each day.

[Source: edudemic]