Scallywags is another startup game publisher with a pirate-themed title and a card game.

The pirate game is Scurvy Dogs. It’s a map-based game, where the players travel around attacking ships, sacking ports, finding buried treasure, and killing krakens. Each player is a unique captain with a unique ship, both of which can be improved with success. Too much success, however, attracts the Spanish armada.

The card game is 3v3, a head-to-head combat game, somehow based on the webcomic, Commissioned Comic. Anyway, it does have a feature that I haven’t seen before, where any three cards can be stacked in such a way that one provides the attack stat, one the defense stat, and one the character and special ability. Oh, and there’s also some sort of deck-building element (at least that’s what I wrote in my notes; I forget how that worked).