Hungry Hungry Herd is a new Farmville-themed, live, in-person game from Zynga and Hasbro, but I’m sure you’ve played it before. Simply put, it’s Hungry Hungry Hippos with a cow, horse, sheep, and pig instead of four hippopotamuses. That’s fine, though. The game is just fun.

You already know how to play. Pick an animal. Flick the food into the center—orange marbles for the horse’s pumpkins, red marbles for the pig’s apples, purple marbles for the sheep’s grapes, and yellow marbles for the cow’s corn. Then jam that lever as fast as you can to eat them all up!

Really, what more is there to say? Little kids have a blast. Even adults can get caught up in the excitement. The Farmville theme just freshens up the game a bit, reminding people, I hope, that playing face-to-face can still be a lot of fun.

I will caution you on one issue, however, and that is storage. Once put together (it does require some minor assembly), the game does not fit back in the box. The little directions booklet that comes with the game suggests removing the animals and then reattaching them for play. I don’t think that’ll work with little kids, though.