First conceived in January 2008 at 3am in the morning by NidiaLoriz, Bulls-eye is now available for purchase from DNA Family Games. It’s a word game with a unique twist. You’re not trying to make the biggest or highest scoring word. You’re given 7 letter cards and one minute to try and create a word that’s score will let you move your dart farther along the board. Once you reach your target you’re given a card with a reward or consequence.

The game is seeing some success, with over 850 copies sold. After 3 years, and $40,000, Nidia and her husband, Doug, are more than happy with the games success. The game is now carried in over 60 stores in 16 states. Not too shabby for a self published game!

If you’d like to check out the full rules for Bulls-eye, you can find them on the DNA Family Games website, along with videos and links to purchase the game.