Lock ‘N Load publishing has announced that Mare Nostrum: The Italians in the Mediterranean is now available for preorder. Mare Nostrum is the first stand-alone title to feature the desert battles of WWII. You may notice that it’s the first stand-alone title to also remove the word “heroes” from its name.

The module is designed by Ralph Ferrari, and has Italian, German, Frech, British, and American tanks, infantry, and guns. It will have 5 mounted boards, terrain overlays, 16 scenarios, around 700 die-cut counters, full-color rules, 16 skill cards, and a full-color player aid.

This set looks like a great way to get into Lock ‘N Load if you haven’t already. You can pre-order the game for $60 from Lock ‘N Load’s website. Their preorder system requires that at least $12,000 of preorders are taken before the game is printed and shipped. As of this posting, they’ve raised $4309.