Beyblade is pretty big in my house, and has been for some time. My older son received a bunch of Beyblade items for his birthday and holidays last year, and it’s one of the toys in our house that is constantly played with. I love the metal tops almost as much as my kids, but was a little skeptical when I saw that Beywheelz were coming out. It almost seemed like Hasbro was milking the Bey series for all it was worth.

I was wrong.

Beywheelz are a TON of fun. The Crash Course set comes with two rubber Beywheelz, two launchers, a ramp, and goal post like piece, and 2 green posts. I’m not exaggerating when I my kids and I spent an hour just zooming the Beywheelz around the house. We had even more fun jumping them off the ramp, crashing them into each other, and arranging the green posts onto the goal post to make jumps harder to place.

The Beywheelz themselves are sturdy, and have a great heft to them. They feel like they can really take a beating, which is great because they will take a beating with all the crashing into things they do. The ramp works great, but is the same cheap, molded plastic that Beyblade arenas are generally made of. Just be careful not to step on it, or store anything heavy on top of it.

The next product we got to try was the new Beyblade Destroyer Dome. The set includes the dome, stickers, and 2 new tops and launcher. The tops are standard Beyblade tops, but have an additional ring attachment that allows them to spin around the dome. The dome itself is actually pretty sturdy, and goes together very easily. The only suggestion I have is to make sure to put the stickers on the dome before putting it together. The instructions say otherwise, then you have to take it apart to get the bottom stickers on.

How does it work? You launch your Beys into two holes at the top. Does it work? At first I thought it didn’t work so well. The Beys kept dropping to the bottom and spinning out fairly fast. After getting used to launching them in the dome, they seemed to spin around the thing pretty well. Battles are still MUCH shorter than a standard Beyblade battle, but it’s kind of cool to get the 3D aspect into the game. It’s pretty cool, but may not be for everyone. As a last note, it scuffs pretty easily, but seems to hold up well overall.

Overall both of these products where pretty awesome to play with, with Beywheelz really holding much of our attention over the Dome. Are they worth the price? They Beywheelz Crash Course comes in at $34.99, while the Destroyer Dome is $39.99. Both come with enough stuff and are interesting enough to justify those prices.

Both of these products were provided free for review purposes.