It seems everywhere you look today there’s something new coming out with Zombies. Zombies are the new vampires (just less sparkly, if you’re into those non-awesome vampires) and Zpocalypse doesn’t look to disappoint in all it’s Zed-related glory. After a successful 1,401% funding on Kickstarter, the game is now available for preorder on GreenBrier Games site for $60.

That game is for 2-4 players and should range frmo 60 – 180 minutes. In the game you control a squad of survivors trying to find food, weapons, fortify your shelter, and kill zombies. Victory points are awarded for various activities such as completing goals, buffing defenses, and killing zombies. Victory points determine the winner of the game, but can also be used to level you characters.

The game is running the convention circuit, and it currently set to release sometime in the next couple of months.