Living World Games has just released a free, promotional, print-and-play expansion for Chunky Fighter. The promotion comes in celebration of the release of Scholck Mercenary: Capital Offensive, and contains 4 new characters and a carrying case.

The four new characters are the Mercenary, Hacker, Spy, and Space Captain. The PDF contains all the images you need for the dice, the fighters’ cards, and the case that holds everything. Just print it all out with a color printer, put it together, and you’re ready to go. For the dice, you can either print out the images and adhere them to blank dice, or use the included paper dice templates to create them out of…you guessed it…paper.

Chunky Fighter is a pretty interesting concept, and I’m excited to see this free expansion out for an already free game.

(image in this post is of the original Chunky Fighter dice)