If you are new to this story: Chapterhouse is a Texas based online retailer that sells parts and accessories, compatible with Games Workshops Warhammer and Warhammer 40K games.

Games Workshop thought the situation was unfair and filed a court case a while ago. In response, Chapterhouse filed for the whole case to be dismissed –  they implied that Games Workshop needed to cite specific instances of trademark or copyright violations, without any vagueness or ambiguity.

Well about 10 days ago, Games Workshop filed a new and more specific complaint to the Illinois District Court. This one comes loaded with about 100 Copyright applications that Games Workshop deem relevant in the case.

Exhibit A – (I love how its actually called “Exhibit A” as well).

Some online communities like dakkadakka are unsure what ramifications this trial will have on the wider world.

One option if Chapterhouse win the case:

[…]is that third party conversion bits will be able to openly acknowledge that the parts they are creating are meant for specific GW kits (and be able to specify which ones).

Another, perhaps more impactful, possibility if the courts rule in favor of GW, is that companies will no longer be able to provide and sell aftermarket parts for other products. After market manufacturers of automobile parts  has been commonplace in other industries for decade and as one member said:

If this is legal in the automotive industry, why is it not legal in [the] “plastic army men” industry?

If you fancy reading the court documents yourself, like i did, and pretending to be a fancy-pants big shot lawyer then check out the court docket here and here.