The title here is pretty self explanitory. Andrian Cui has released a small book containing 5 board games where all you need to play is a printed map and a pencil. The games are all designed in a way where everything you need to know how to play is on the game map itself. Each set of 2 pages is a self-contained game, ready to play with nothing more than a pencil.

The five games are as follows:

Arena – “In this game, players act as fighters to use variety of skills to win the champion. Players may choose from 4 classes and 2 camps as they like, and develop a distinctive upgrade route. Players can also learn different skills, including general skills, class specific skills, and camp specific skills, to beat the opponent.”

Racing – “In this game, players act as first class racing drivers to win the championship. Even though there are lots of barriers and dangers along the way, players may upgrade their racing cars’ engine, system, and frame to conquer any difficulties ahead. A distinctive characteristic of the game is allowing players to hit against each other. Want to be the winner? upgrade your car to crash your opponents!”

Magic – “In this game, players act as magicians to beat the opponent by using abundant magic they choose. There are over 60 normal magic and over 20 power magic to use.”

Fleet – “In this game, players act as fleet commandars to lead armies to smash apponent. There are over 90 fighting units to be directed and managed. Players have full control of the fleets to make highly strategic decisions. There are also tech center to develop advanced fighting technology, and missile silo to support friendly fleets.”

Defense – “In this game, the player acts as a guardian to protect a sacred altar from the invasion of dark monsters. The player may build and upgrade various magic towers in a strategic way to defend the altar and beat 25 waves of hideous monsters.”

My curiosity may get the best of me on this one. The book is only $1.99 over at, which isn’t a bad price even if the games turn out to be less than great.