Sometimes good things come in small packages, and Loot and Scoot by Chris Taylor is one of those things. Published by Victory Point Games, Loot and Scoot is a 2 – 4 player game about looting dungeons. The game comes in a ziplock bag and contains 2 tiny dice, 4 dungeon player mats, a bunch of cardboard tokens, and a 2 page, full color rulebook.

In Loot and Scoot each player first setups up their dungeon by filling it with monsters, treasures, and traps. After that the players take turns trying to loot each others’ dungeons, upgrading their towns, hiring canon fodder, and upgrading their heroes. That game is actually very simple to play, and is quickly setup. You can get everything ready and read the rules in about 10 minutes. After that it’s a whole good amount of dungeon lootin’ fun, lasting around 30+ minutes.

The game say it’s for ages 10+, but I had no problem playing with my 7-year-old, and even my 5-year-old was helping me take my turn while playing.

While the game is just cardboard tokens and card stock boards, it’s a lot of fun. The pieces are sturdy, and the whole game package is extremely portable. While there’s not a whole lot of depth in the gameplay, you get a good amount of game in such a small package.

Overall? I really enjoy it, and I’m sure it’s going to get a lot of table time in my house. Loot and Scoot is available from Victory Point Games for $21.95. I have to say that after playing this I’m very interested to try other games in their lineup.

Loot and Scoot and its expansion were provided free by Victory Point Games for review.