Catalyst Game Labs announced big plans for Shadowrun today, including a deck-building card game, a tactical miniatures game, a Euro-style board game, and a new edition of the tabletop RPG. Shadowrun is a futuristic setting where elves and other magical creatures have returned to Earth and exist alongside high-tech artificial intelligences in a network-centered society.

Shadowrun Crossfire is scheduled for release this coming spring. The card game will combine deck-building with adventure game elements for an RPG-like feel.

Next, in the summer of 2013 comes a fifth edition of the Shadowrun RPG. Catalyst describes the game as deadlier with more streamlined rules for character creation and running the Matrix.

Shadowrun Sprawl Gangers will be a skirmish-level miniatures game where “Gangs won’t simply fight for the sake of fighting, but will actively build their turfs and resources.” Catalyst plans to launch Sprawl Gangers next winter.

Finally, in 2014 Catalyst will release Shadowrun Hostile Takeover, a Euro-style board game in which players take on the roles of megacorporations and vie for dominance over Seattle.