I got a chance to sit down and play Chaos Isle over the weekend, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. The game is simple enough to get into and has a bit of depth to it, especially when you add in the expansions and play some of the multiple play types laid out in the rules. Speaking of the rules, they’re very clean and well written. Always a plus when sitting down to play a new game.

In Chaos Isle you’re playing as a survivor on an island overrun with genetic monstrosities. Each game you’ll start off with a mission and 2 pieces of equipment. Each turn you’ll draw 3 cards from the monster deck and fight monsters, complete tasks, and deal with special events. The first person to gather all the resources to complete their mission (by defeating monsters) is the winner of the round. Missions are given campaign values if you want to play a longer game over multiple rounds.

Combat is quick and easy, and involves rolling 2d6 against stats. Roll modifiers are provided by special powers and equipment cards. Sometimes combat can drag a bit with the wrong combination of cards, but usually after the first monster goes down the rest seem to flow pretty easily.

My only complaint about the game is the inconsistant art both in the base game, and through the expansions. Some of the art is really great, while others not. Sometimes the art on the cards just doesn’t vibe well together. In the end it’s a minor complaint, as the game is pretty solid.

If you’re interested, RealmsMasters is currently running a pretty sweet deal. $20 gets you everything, a normally $60 value.

A copy of the Black Virus Combo was provided for review purposes by RealmsMasters Game Forge.