FortheWinOn the surface, For the Win doesn’t seem like it’s all that complicated. All you need to do is line up 1 of each type of your characters to win. Of course tile placement rules keep you from doing that easily, but you can move your tiles around to help you line things up. On top of that, each character tile has a special power that can affect your, or your opponent’s, tiles in different ways. The end result is a very simple to learn, simple to play game with a large amount of strategy and depth.

The game reminds me a little bit of Hive when it comes to tile placement. You can’t place a one of your own tiles if it’ll touch any of your previous tiles in any way. Once on the board, it can move to do so. Special powers of the tiles range from blasting other tiles anywhere on the grid, to turning tiles into zombies. You need to keep in mind that using an ability causes you to flip your tile over, and thus it can’t be used to win. You’ll have to take an extra turn to refresh the tile before it’s available to score again.

So far I’ve played the iOS version of the game, and the app is very polished and clean. Now that I’ve done that, I’m looking forward to picking up a physical copy of the game for my game nights.

Bottom line? For the Win is a lot of fun, and has much more depth than meets the eye.

A copy of For the Win for iOS was provided free for review.