I can’t procrastinate any longer! Several exciting—or at least interesting—Kickstarter projects that I’ve been meaning to write about close soon. If any of them sound of interest, you’ll want to follow up without delay!

In just a few hours, Mage Company’s 12 Realms board game project will end fully funded. 12 Realms is a cooperative, fantasy, adventure game with some well-known characters (like Snow White and Robin Hood) in miniature.

Later today, Fate Core closes. With the project already funded at over 100 times its goal, your support may not be needed any more but you might want to consider it anyway. Just $30 will get you the book in print, two-dozen digital products, and a fantastic RPG!

Codex Celtarum is a Celtic-themed supplement for the Castles & Crusades RPG. The project is already funded but for the next 5 days you can get yourself an electronic copy of the book for $15 and a hardcover copy for $40.

Rivet Wars

Rivet Wars is the latest blockbuster from CoolMiniOrNot. It’s an alternate-history, early 20th Century (i.e., WWI-style) battle game with walking tank miniatures. There are only 6 days left to pony up $90 for the basic Eastern Front set.

Also ending in 6 days is Hegemonic, a space exploration and empire building game—which is all that’s needed to have me hooked! Fortunately, the game is already fully funded. And with Minion Games publishing, I’m confident we’ll see it delivered quickly.

The latest version of a classic RPG, Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, will close funded next Tuesday, adding many more options to the game, as well as a lot of detail on TrollWorld.

And then there’s Black Hat Miniatures’ World War I French Halflings. What else is there to say!?!