warriorheroesTwo Hour Wargames has just released Warrior Heroes: Legends, a standalone game compatible with all other Two Hour Wargames games. In the game you’ll be playing as everyday heroes out to make a name for themselves and earn fame through their deeds. The game is a mix between a miniatures game and an RPG.

The book includes the following:

  • Multiple character classes and races.
  • Over sixty Signatures and Skills to personalize your character.
  • An easy to use Economics System with little book keeping.
  • Quick and easy Magic rules.
  • Complete environment to adventure in.
  • A variety of scenarios and a how to for making more.

The cool part? All Two Hour Wargames are made to be played in 2 hours or less, can be played solo, cooperatively, or head-to-head. The rulebook for Warrior Heroes: Legends is $20 for the PDF, or $25 for the printed book.