A man has been charged by Circleville, Ohio police with “inducing panic” for leaving a Backgammon case next to a pump at a gas station. The police were able to track down the man by the credit card he used to pay for gas.

A photograph of People’s Congress deputies in a Chinese party newspaper caused an uproar on the internet when some people noticed that they were working around a Mahjong table.

In Shenzhen, China a toddler drowned in a bucket of water while her mother was playing Mahjong next door.

In Annapolis, Maryland a man was charged with murder for allegedly shooting someone to whom he had lost money in a dice game. In San Leandro, California, police are still looking for the person who killed another over a $5 dice game loss. In Royal Oak Township, Michigan though, two men were convicted for robbing a dice game last July. And in Columbus, one man was convicted of murder connected to a dice game.