After a successfulgunship Kickstarter campaign, Gunship: First Strike! is now available to order for the public. This is Escape Pod Games’ core product in a hopefully successful future of tactical space combat games. The game is described as a tactical space battle where a combination of dice and cards decide you fate. Customize your gunship and make smart choices to help win the day.

Included in the game are:

158 Full-Color Cards
4 Gunship Boards
8 Gunship Wings
4 Squadron Boards
2 Carrier Boards
48 Fighter Tokens, 12 Carrier Armor Tokens
3 standard Dice (2 12-sided, 1 8-sided)
4 custom engraved Battle Dice (6-sided)
20-Page Full-Color Rulebook
6-page Full-Color Rules Companion

All that for an MSRP of $49.95. You’ll be able to order the game straight from Escape Pod’s site.