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Wonder ForgeWith fresh Nickelodeon and Disney licenses, Wonder Forge had on display a dozen new games.

Two were for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first, Flying Attack is a skill and action game due out this summer. One or more players launch the turtles at a tower, trying to knock evil ninjas off. Another plays Shredder, using cards to move ninjas around the tower and collect device parts. The second game, Clash Alley is a strategy title scheduled for 2014. In this one, the players take on the role of the turtles, rolling climb, run, and leap dice to move around the board and defeat villains. Each defeated villain is a card, and a certain set of cards is a completed mission. The first turtle to complete his mission is the winner.

Most of Wonder Forge’s new games, though, were based on Disney properties.

Disney Eye Found It! covers 12 different Disney story lines in a spin-and-move game with a 6 foot long board! The goal of this cooperative game is for all players to get to the end of the path before the clock gets to midnight. When the spinner lands on the clock, the clock moves ahead. But when the spinner lands on Mickey, a timer starts, an item card is flipped, and the player tries to find as many copies of that item as he can somewhere on the board. The number of items he finds is the number of spaces he moves forwards.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Surprise Slides Game is another spin-and-move title. However, sections of its board flip, thus changing players’ paths during the course of the game. The same design is found in a Sofia the First Surprise Slides Game.

Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy, though, is a game about collecting bracelet charms for two players ages 5+. One sits behind a row of model house facades and hides the charms inside some of the windows. The other sits in front of the houses and uses cards in a process of deduction to find the charms.

Doc McStuffins Sharing is Caring Dominoes is a basic dominoes game but with the option to share pieces among players.

Ariel Under the Sea Treasures is a memory game but not one of those where players flip and match cards. Instead, the box is a sealed compartment with sand and little objects. Players need to remember under which panel each treasure is hidden. And the box can be shaken between games to move those treasures around.

Again a little different, Disney Fairies Fly and Go Seek Game combines memory with action. The first thing players do is hide tiles around the house. Then when they turn over a fly-and-go-seek card during the game, they have to run around the house and collect the tiles that match their cards.

Finally, Wonder Forge is also releasing a series of On-the-Go games, including Disney Princess, Disney Holiday, and Dr. Suess Matching Games; Disney, Curious George, and The Grinch Bingo-in-a-Bag Games; and an On-the-Go Enchanted Cupcake Party Game with collectible dice.