LightVehicles400Armor Grid Games has just released a set of Print and Play 15mm Scale Vehicles for use in Armor Grid or other Sci Fi miniatures games.

This set includes:

  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Vehicle Sizes- Each with two different body styles.
  • Three different movement types for each vehicle class including: Wheels, Tracks, and Hover Platforms.
  • Four Standard Colors Options including: Blue, Green, Gray, and Tan.
  • Twenty-two different weapon and equipment options.
  • Unified weapon slot sizing allowing interchanging weapons between the different Mech sizes.
  • New Multi-slot Turrents and Weapon Mounts to allow equiping multiple weapons in different configurations.
  • Four Bonus Colors including: Black, Red, Green & Tan, and Uncolored.
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions.

The scale matches perfectly with Armor Grid: Mech Attack, so these can easily be incorporated into play.

Motor Pool can be purchased through Wargame Vault for $3.95.