A player for the Denver Broncos football team is accused of cheating at the Craps table of a Los Angeles area casino.

On the streets, dice games are a lot more dangerous. One Ohio man was sentenced to life in prison for killing someone at a dice game. Two Michigan men were sentenced to 40 years for a dice game robbery. An Illinois man accused a shooting someone at a 2011 dice game was just arrested.

Two San Francisco teens were shot in the behind at a dice game.

A Guandong, China health official and hospital administrator was fired after being caught gambling on Mahjong with pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers.

In Congqing, China a mother is said to have committed suicide because her son was too busy playing Mahjong with his friends.

Trouble follows dice games in the United States and Mahjong in China. But in Australia, trouble comes from Chess.

Two Australian Chess players were killed in an automobile accident on their way home from a tournament.

Thieves stole the king pieces from an outdoor, oversized Chess set at an Australian primary school.