Built on Dungeons & Dragons 4E, the NeuroSpasta roleplaying game explores a futuristic earth teetering on the brink of global takeover by a totalitarian state. Set in Archon, an independent United Nations city-island, the world of NeuroSpasta features cybernetics, a paramilitary U.N. police force, diplomatic intrigue, a growing terrorist movement, robots, and network-based artificial intelligences.

While much of this may sound standard for the genre, NeuroSpasta eschews other typical elements. No seedy underworld,

Archon is far more than just the home of a world government agency: it is a paragon of engineering and technology, a cosmopolitan haven for those who wish to throw off the shackles of nationalism and dogma, and a showcase of the technological and biological advancements that are causing some to question the very definition of humanity.

Also, players are just as likely to be hacking other characters, through networked cybernetics, as computer systems.

NeuroSpasta is compatible with but does not requires at least one of Dias Ex Machina’s other D&D-based games, Ultramodern4 and or Amethyst. The 180 page ebook includes four new races (for different blends of flesh and technology); 15 lifepath character backgrounds; a catalog of cybernetic and software enhancements; robot, cyborg, and supercomputer adversaries; and an introductory adventure.