timesoldiersWell that was quick! The prototype copy of Time Soldiers arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and my son and I eagerly opened it and gave it some play. The prototype itself was top notch, though I can’t really review that, as it in no way, shape, or form is representative on the final game.

Unfortunately the quality of the prototype was pretty much the only thing that impressed me about the game. At its heart, Time Soldiers is a roll-and-move game where the dice pretty much dictate the game, with only a little player choice directing the course of the game. Everything from the restrictive movement of the Allies at the start of the game to the way reinforcements enter the board was frustrating. The plastic army men, which are used as playing pieces in the game (and will be in the final production), kept getting knocked over, and crowding the small spaces allocated for them on the board.

The Kickstarter page prints a very pretty picture, and I expected a bit more than what I expereinced when playing the game. Unfortunately the game just didn’t deliver.

Just because I didn’t enjoy the game doesn’t mean that no one else will. I recommend you checkout the videos on the project page to see if it may interest you, and if you’d like to back it.