Junior_Logo2wAlec_editWise Alec Junior is a great kids game put out by Griddly Games. In the small box you get enough to play a matching game, memory game, charades type game, and (my favorite), the storytelling game. My wife and I do a lot of gaming with special needs children, mostly those on the Autism spectrum, and games like Wise Alec Junior are just what the doctor ordered. The colorful components, visual aspect of the games, and the storytelling really open up the mind and get these kids having a great time.

We’ve had a blast playing with our kids, and using it in our gaming group. It’s nice to see quality kids games put out that don’t insult the intellect of children. The game is for children ages 4+, and can be played solo, or with a large group. MSRP is $16.99.

A copy of Wise Alec Junior was provided free for review by Griddly Games.