Sticks & StonesSticks & Stones is a setting book for Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition. Based in the prehistoric land of Lur, the game allows players to be Archaic Homo sapiens, Homo Floresiensis, Cave N.E.R.D.s, Neanderthals, and Dino sapiens.

Sticks & Stones is a crossover into fantasy, science fiction, 60s TV, bad caveman movies, and a bit of horror. It has “cavepunk” overtones, combining Flintstones-flavored “technology” with inventions like those dreamed up by the Professor on Gilligan’s Island. Most of all, it is meant to be a highly enjoyable, light-hearted diversion from more serious roleplaying.

The 188 page Sticks & Stones ebook includes rules for basic weapons and gear, shamanic magic, and weird prehistoric science; also lots of detail on Lur—its inhabitants, animal life, and locations of interest—and 17 one-shot adventures and 9 linked, plot-point adventures.

But here’s the kicker, in-character talking is restricted to a limited number of known words. Grunting is encouraged!