timesoldiersCurrently on Kickstarter, Time Soldiers takes place during a science fiction World War II where the Allies are fighting to destroy a time travel port that would guarantee Axis victory. Desidgned by Ray Shingler, the game is for 2 players or 2 teams of 3 players each. The board represents 3 time periods: Giza, Egypt 2560 BC, Holy Roman Empire 1248 AD, and Central Europe 1945 AD.

The goal of the Axis player is to destroy the human race in an earlier age, then create the supreme human race in a later period. The allies must find the time travel port, take control of it, and deactivate it while holding off Axis forces.

Currently at $1,944, the game has 19 days go still to reach its $16,500 goal.

The game looks pretty interesting, and I’m expecting a prototype copy to review. More to come.