FIDEThe 2013 World Championship Chess match between Viswanathan Anand (current champion) and Magnus Carlsen (number one ranked player) is scheduled for November of this year and was expected to take place in Chennai, India. It seems, though, that the challenger and his supporters are not happy with the venue. Anand is a native of India and Carlsen, from Norway, may be concerned about playing in the hot climate and on his opponent’s home turf.

On Friday, the Norwegian Chess Federation filed a formal complaint with FIDE over the selection of Chennai, citing the lack of a competitive bid process. Chennai’s selection, though, may have been a holdover from last year’s selection.

Offering up Paris as an alternative location, the French Chess Federation, also on Friday, submitted an unsolicited bid with a €2.65 million prize fund, compared to Chennai’s €1.94 million.

[via ChessBase]