dq-card-frontSo here’s something interesting for our older gamers. DrunkQuest is a drinking game, that’s actually a game! DrunkQuest is a fantasy RPG-type game where you’re actually drinking as you play. They claim is the nerdiest way to get drunk.

The production values look superb, and the art on the cards is pretty awesome looking. The base game contains 66 Monsters, 118 Treasures, 16 Hero/Realms, and custom dice.

DrunkQuest has seen some success, and now they’re working on getting their first expansion, The 90 Proof Seas, funded through Kickstarter. The expansion adds new cards  including: ships, rare monsters, and combo-actions. Overall, the expansion adds 100 cards to the 200 card base set.

DrunkQuest is currently available on Amazon, though as of this post, is sold out. The expansion can be obtained by funding the Kickstarter project at the $20 level.