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Happy Meeple is giving away Made for Play, the video documentary about board game manufacturing.

Gamewright is giving away the company’s own Monster Cafe. is selling bulk bags of 500 irregular meeples in various colors for 50% off.

Dave Graffam Models’ paper model patterns are on-sale for 33% off.

Iron Crown Enterprises is giving away Rolemaster stuff.

Purchase four indie RPGs from Bundle of Holding for any price you choose (minimum $1). If the amount you paid is greater than the average paid by other purchasers, you’ll also get a bonus two games.

The Game Crafter is running a Miniatures Game Design Challenge. Entries must feature at least 12 miniature figures in a meaningful way. Prizes include $50, “crafter points”, a copy of the game, free publicity, and the opportunity to participate in judging the next contest.