A man in Ottawa was arrested for playing Chess in public without a busking license.

An Illinois man who wasn’t happy to lose his money in a dice game pulled a gun, robbed the winner, and drove away with a couple of friends. But that didn’t end the story, because the winner and his sister gave chase in two separate vehicles. Eventually the robber lost again when he was caught by police and arrested.

Investigating what appeared to be a street dice game, Carbondale, Illinois police chased and arrested one of the players, who was armed with a handgun.

A Cincinnati man struck a plea-bargain of 21 years in prison for “accidentally” killing someone while robbing a dice game. During the sentencing hearing, the judge “accidentally” said the killer was going to jail for life.

A 15 year old was shot in the back and killed while playing dice 4 blocks from President Obama’s Chicago home.

A Rochester, New York man was shot while playing dice.

WAFF Channel 48 News in Huntsville, Alabama wants you to know that it may be illegal to gamble in street dice games. If you’ve been reading this series for any length of time, you know it’s also dangerous.

Troy King was the attorney general of Alabama but failed in his bid for reelection after getting in to an argument with the governor over the legality of electronic Bingo machines. Since leaving office, he invented and has begun selling Bingo machines that look like the dice game, Craps.

Legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado has helped sales of the Colorado Cannabis Craze board game.

A Martinsburg, West Virginia man was arrested for allegedly throwing a chair at his wife because she cheated at a board game they were playing with another couple.

According to reports, at a Monopoly game in Valparaiso, Indiana, the host’s dog walked across the game board. Rather than take pictures and post them on BGG like other gamers, one of the players complained and then the host hit him with a wine bottle.

In Johannesburg, South Africa a man has confessed to killing two teenagers by setting them on fire. He claims, however, that he did it because an Ouija board game told him that one of the teenagers was cursed.

The Irish Chess Union is investigating an incident which brought police to a recent tournament. A 47 year old man allegedly caught his 16 year old opponent cheating. The man claimed to have seen the teenager consulting a tablet computer in the bathroom. When the man brought tournament organizers to witness what was going on, he grabbed the teenager and pulled him out of the stall. Both players were disqualified.

The Chief Minister of the Indian state of Goa has been asked to intervene in the Goa Chess Association’s elections. Members have alleged voting fraud and accused one officer of disregarding term limits.

The chairman of the Angolan Chess Federation asked for cooperation after players disputed the results of the Cuca Cup 2013.

Thieves have repeatedly stolen pieces from an outdoor giant Chess set in Esperance, Australia.