Rio Grande has released the second edition of Arctic Scavengers.


Available from Driftwood Games for the past couple of years, Arctic Scavengers is now being published by Rio Grande Games.  This second edition includes the base game as well the first expansion, which gives players leaders and buildings.


From the press release:

You are the leader of a small tribe of survivors in a post-apocalyptic ice age. Resources, tools, medicine, and mercenaries are all in scarce supply. You and your tribe are pitted against up to four other tribes in a fight for survival. Build up your tribe, scavenge for supplies, and skirmish against other players for precious resources.


Arctic Scavengers is a deck building game with a confrontational twist – at the end of the round, all players duke it out for a rare and powerful card.  This expands the typical deck-building genre into a more confrontational role.  An exciting and tense game that forces players to balance the guarantee from buying “small” tools to aid their survival, against the gamble of skirmishing for the rare and powerful resource at the end of the round.


The skirmish starts when you finish reading this, so go now and buy Arctic Scavengers!