Calliope GamesThe rules of Roll for It! are pretty simple. On your turn, roll your six dice and try to match the patterns on the three face-up cards. Keep any cards you match completely and score the points indicated. You can also leave on a card any dice that partially match. Thus on your next turn you’ll roll fewer dice but already be part of the way to a match.

Whenever anyone claims a card with dice waiting on it, the dice go back to their owner. And at the beginning of your turn, you do have the choice of reclaiming all your dice from the cards on which you previously left them.

The game is won by being the first player to 40 points.

Roll For It! isn’t a game of any deep strategy, more of a quick, social game—lots of dice-rolling, mostly luck, a little decision-making. Also some yelling when someone else grabs that 15-pointer you’ve been eying for three rounds!

If you’d like to get in on the Kickstarter, move quickly. The project closes Sunday evening. For $15, you’ll get a single copy for 2-4 players. For $30, two copies, which allows for play with up to eight.

Roll For It