image002Yes, I just posted about these, but I got my copies in today and had to post up my review.

This is not AD&D 3rd Edition!

A perfect forward to this set of books.

These are the same exact AD&D 2nd Edition books that you remember, just lovingly reformatted and recreated. The quality of the books is amazing, as is the new layout, colors, and artwork included inside. No detail was missed, no shortcuts taken. I’ve already spent a good amount of time pouring over these and reliving so many fond memories of AD&D at summer camp, school, basements, and my college dorm room.

Those of you who are fans of AD&D 2nd Edition won’t be disappointed with these. Opening these books was almost as good as delving into the original books for the first time, mind reeling with the limitless possibilities for adventure.

Sure, I’ve played better systems since those days, but AD&D 2nd will always be my first. That’s something that no other system can say.

Each book, the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, and Monstrous Manual retails for around $50. Way worth it, in my opinion.

Copies of each book were provided free for review by Wizards of the Coast.