Gooey Louie Head with Booger and BrainsPicking boogers out of a giant, plastic head while trying not to make his brains pop out? That’s the gist of Gooey Louie, a new product of Goliath Games, makers of Doggie Doo.

In the game, you’re rolling a die to see if you need to pick 1 or 2 boogies from Louie’s nose, skip your turn, or pick 1 boogies and reverse the turn order. One of said boogies is hooked to a trigger mechanism that makes his eyes bug out and his brain pop out. Play continues until a player pops the brain.

Very simple, yet the theme of the game alone was enough to keep my kids playing for a long time, even after they figured out how to feel for the “trigger boogie.”

Will this game have lasting appeal? Probably not, but most kids will probably get the money’s worth out of it. It’s a novelty toy more than anything else.

Gooey Louie was provided free for review my Goliath Game.