baconwarsThey had me at bacon.

Bacon Wars is a free, print-and-play card game by Ben Byrne. It’s about bacon…if you hadn’t guessed by now. I’m a big fan of bacon, and I love some nice, thick-cut bacon cooked slowly in the oven.

I’m getting a bit off subject.

“Dark times have fallen over the kingdom of Baconia: Queen Angie O’Plasty has died and left no heir.”

I’m hooked. Poor queen Angie O’Plasty. What’s Baconia to do?

In the game players are trying to protect their Orchards by using walls of meat. The goal is to destroy all the other players’ orchards, or possess two Thick-Cut Orchards at the beginning of your turn.

Sounds meaty.

Players will use bacon grenades, battering hams, and all sorts of other porky goodness to vanquish their foes.

I’ll tell you what. Go download and try the game. There’s no artwork yet, but you can get everything you need to play and still have a good time.

I’m going to make a few slices of bacon.