A report in The Hindu accused the Andhra Pradesh Chess Association of shenanigans at a recent tournament. Supposedly, FIDE was told 200 players would participate in the event, while actually the number was closer to 30. Further, a few rated players from Mumbai were paid to appear and throw their games in order to “help the local talent”. Meanwhile, the Association’s own website features the following warning:

Andhra Pradesh Chess Association (APCA) cautions all affiliated chess players are not to participate in unauthorised tournaments and interested players must participate in preceding selections to participate in succeeding championships. Disobeyed will attract disciplinary action, hence are disqualified for further official events.

A 25 year old man in Bournbonnais, Illinois was arrested for allegedly throwing an 11 year old boy to the ground when the boy refused to trade Pokemon cards with him.

Russian and U.S. prisoners played against each other in a Chess tournament over the internet. The final tally: Russia 14 wins, the United States 5.

A rehabilitation program in a Kentucky jail is switching its game-of-choice from Poker to Chess.

An argument during a dice game in Houston led to one 17-year-old shooting and killing another. Another fatal shooting happened at a dice game in Dayton.

Two armed men tried to rob a dominoes game in Ft. Lauderdale. The victims were able to escape because one of the robbers dropped his gun down his baggy pants.

A man playing Mahjong in the Philippines was shot several times by an attacker with an M16 rifle. The victim died.

Singapore police raided an illegal Mahjong gambling den in an apartment.