hydras_print_n_playHaving just wrote about Hydras, I figured I’d write up my thoughts after having printed out the game and played it. Whoo boy, this is one solid print-and-play title.

The game is very simple. Every turn you play a tile, then draw back up to 4. The goal is to have the most heads on your hydra when the tiles run out. Certain tiles have swords and shields on them. Swords can cut pieces off a hydra, and shields can be played to protect yourself against a sword. There’s also a torch tile that can be used to block placement of tiles that can only be removed by a sword.

The pieces are comical and creepy at the same time, and the play is quick and easy to pick up.

Overall you can’t beat the price (free) for this title, and I think it’s worthy of being published. It’s a great filler game that takes up very little space and provides a ton of fun.