Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.It’s taken me a long time to get this review done, and that’s mostly because of the time it took me to get the miniatures assembled!

That’s where I’ll start.

The miniatures in Sedition Wars are really cool. The sculpts are really well done, and you can tell a lot of work went into designing them.

Damn, if they aren’t hard to assemble. They needed a ton of trimming, and even then pieces just didn’t fit just right. Some of the plastic on mine was warped, so the halves of some of the bigger monsters didn’t match up quite nicely, leaving gaps. Also, the bases aren’t slotted, and are textured and uneven, so some of the miniatures were very difficult to put on them and have them stay.

Other than that, I was impressed with the game. The boards are well made, and the rules fairly simple to learn. The game was a bit lighter than I expected, but in the end that’s a good thing. The rules play pretty clean, and I’m a big fan of the infection rules that The Strain use to convert enemies into their own units. The rulebook does a great job of illustrating the rules, and the progressive scenarios at the end are a great way to dive in and learn the game.

bfa_box_storeIs the game worth the price, and headache of assembly? I think so. While it’s not in depth as some of your more traditional miniatures games, it’s a great package that has a lot of potential for expansion. I hope to pick up some more minis as they become available to expand my set.

Sedition Wars was provided free for review by Studio McVey.